1. 細胞自噬(autophagy)與細胞膜運輸途徑(membrane trafficking)之分子機制。


本實驗室的研究主題在解析控制蛋白質傳遞(protein targeting)的分子之特性,以期深入探討細胞自噬(autophagy)的分子機制。 透過細胞自噬的傳遞,動物細胞的溶小體(lysosome)以及真菌細胞中相對映的濾泡胞器(vacuole)為分解細胞質成分的主要構造之一 ,更是細胞代謝老舊與受損胞器的唯一途徑。近年來研究發現,細胞自噬與生物個體發生過程中,由 細胞分化起乃至於細胞老化死亡間都有密切的關係。

另外,細胞自噬也與病毒及細菌的免疫反應、抑制阿滋海默症等神經退化疾病以及對抗腫瘤細胞生長等人類疾病有關。 因此,研究細胞自噬的分子機制具有基礎科學與醫學應用的貢獻及價值。

過去十餘年間,由酵母菌系統中的研究確立了三十多個ATG基因參與細胞自噬的調控, 而這其中絕大部分的基因又同時控制另一個特殊的細胞膜運輸過程-細胞質至濾泡傳遞途徑 (cytoplasm-to-vacuole targeting pathway),此發現開啟並加速了選擇性細胞自噬的研究。

分析動物細胞的ATG同源基因發現,細胞自噬可能經由選擇性去除受損的蛋白質及胞器,甚至促成細胞死亡, 以避免腫瘤細胞生長或神經組織退化。 本實驗室利用酵母菌模式系統探討控制細胞自噬之分子特性,並將實驗成果用於分析細胞自噬與阿滋海默症等神經退化疾病及腫瘤細胞生長之關係。


The accumulation of protein aggregate in neuronal inclusions is a hallmark of many neurodegenerative diseases, including Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Although the role of increased autophagy activities in these neuronal cell death is still controversial, intracellular protein aggregate induces autophagosome formation is well documented. Autophagosomes are proposed to segregate protein aggregates and deliver them to lysosomes for elimination. The autophagosome delivery capacity is, however, limited and cell death is usually accompanied with over flooded autophagosomes and lysosomes. Despite that this hypothesis remains to be further proved, it is conceivable that autophagy machinery recognizes and sorts intracellular abnormal materials for elimination. In this regard, the autophagy pathway is not only involved in neurodegenerative disease prevention, but also plays a general role in stress and innate immune responses. Our main interest is to study the molecular mechanisms of autophagy regulation. We have chosen the budding yeast model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae for deciphering the cargo sorting mechanisms and signaling transduction for selective autophagy pathways. The acquired information will be tested in mammalian systems for neurodegenerative disease control.



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